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|2003 Leeway Foundation Inspiration Award Winner

This is the home page for the writer Yvonne Chism-Peace. She writes short stories, some of which have been featured in the online publications below.

Please click on the links below to be taken to her work.

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|Poetry Publication 2018-2019
Tipton Poetry Journal

"Syncopated Time"

Moria Literary Journal

"4951 Walnut Street"

Deracine Magazine


Formidable Woman Sanctuary/Moonshadow Press

"The Peter Pan Shop"



Not Very Quiet

"Thou Art a Magnet"

Stonecrop Review

"West Philly Sidewalks"

Brain Mill Press/Voices

"One Catholic Girl: The Fifties "Chestnut at 49th" - "No Marker Yet" - "Backwards"


"Trading Beads"


"Freedom of Choice"

"Star Harbor"

The Waif Project: Leaving

"Boll Weevil and Me"

Headway Quarterly

"Norman Rockwell and Me"


"Cornered" - "58th and Walnut" - "The Mural"

Poets Reading the News

"2672 South Deacon Street, Detroit"

"The Life of Rally, 1951-53"

Edify Fiction

1953 in Teen 2019, Vol 3 Issue 1 - DOWNLOAD .pdf


"The Castle"

Tiny Seed Literary Journal - May 2019

"Mulberry Storm"

American Journal of Poetry

"IRT Broadway Local (Old Indian Trail #1)" - "Osage Fire"


Publications are available for purchase either from the original publisher or through certain third-party retailers. This information may be found on the individual publications' websites, and we have provided those links where possible.

Philadelphia Stories - Winter 2020

"Momma House"

"Willa On North Broad Street"

Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Just Me? Women Over Forty Write On Aging (Beautiful Cadaver Project - Social Justice Anthology, Pittsburgh, PA): "Pilgrimage"(anthology available for purchase through Amazon)
Colere 2019, Coe College, 1220 1st Ave. NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402: "Being There" "Trading Partners" Coe College Journal information page

Dappled Things, Vol 14, Issue 4, Mary Queen of Angels 2019, POB 10 New Hope, KY 40052-0010



Home: An Anthology(Flexible Press, Minneapolis MN): "The Ballad of the Arthur and Edith Lee House" Home: An Anthology information and order page

Burning Word Literary Journal, Issue 92, October 2019: "Transfiguration" Burning Word Literary Journal, Issue 92 information and order page
Quiet Diamonds (2), Summer 2019 and 2018, Orchard Street Press, POB 280, Gates Mills, OH 44040: "An Only Child" - "Ghost Trolley" Quiet Diamonds information page
Foreign Literary Journal #1, Winter 2019: "Just Looking"

Foreign Literary Journal #1, Winter 2019 Amazon order page

Nassua Review 2019 -- Nassau Commmunity College, Spring 2019

"The Wrong Bird"

Pinyon, Colorado Mesa University Literary Journal, Spring 2019: "Movie Moves" - "I Walk Away" - "A Small Thing, A Spoonful" Pinyon, Spring 2019 information and order page
Bryant Literary Review, Bryant University, Spring 2019: "Fortress"

|2004 Publications

Space Invaders • The Pedestal Magazine

Midnite Owl • Write This.com (*Reader Advisory: Strong language)

|2003 Publication
Ashes, Memory • Moondance

For a few seconds only, time is suspended in the old-fashioned living room of this sturdy residence along a quiet thoroughfare. The ramrod old white man, the humped-back very old white woman, and the short-legged brown and white terrier stand like a tryptich surrounded by their own solitude and the meditation of the Negro student. Then they step out of one another's thoughts and move and speak in real time.

 Streams of Conscience • Melic Review

Barely finished with the honeymoon, Phillis cooed that it was never too early to practice child safety, and Raymond winked, confident they'd have a little ray of sunshine by next year.

Graduation Day • Tattoo Highway

I know you're not a kid! I know I didn't march down the aisle!
You want me to call talk radio for an answer?

| 2002 Publications

Bussing • Moxie Magazine

Little Suit counts couples...Little Suit is coordinated with herself...Little Suit is pleased.

This Is Not A Questionnaire • Inkburns

He rang the doorbell. The old lady could see him from the windows.

Was she suspicious?

No. She knew him. A local boy. From a family with a lot of cancer.

Miss • Moondance

She felt exposed, naked before the eyes of strangers, even though they were women just like her own mother.

A Mid-Century Homily • Clever Magazine

"Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!"
The mother's voice, a hammer, is right above Smart's head.

Aftertaste • Moxie Magazine

She had the unemployed divorcee blues. The second cup of coffee was a stall...

| 2001 Publications

Tumbling • In Posse Review

1976. turn from the window, your mind is a swollen fist. a scream of streets.